150 years Hotel Pigeon Blanc Forbach
The residence Hotel Pigeon Blanc is historic part of the history of the town Forbach/France. Built in 1860, it was magically save from the destructions of the two world wars.
History of Forbach/France in the 20th century
First WW and time between the wars

On 11th november 1918 general Passaga visits Forbach, cheered by crowds. Louis Couturier, a french speaking industrialist from Forbach, becomes temporary major of Forbach. 1922 the castle and the park becomes property of the communer Forbach

Second world war

Beginning 1939, people of Forbach are evacuated to the Charente, the town house is moved to Angoulème. Minors find shelter in the north and in Pas-de-Calais. In winter 1939 the German troops enter Forbach. They all return to Forbach in september of 1940. Forbach is now under German control, as part of the "Gau Westmark", a Nazi region which comprises also of Saarland, Pfalz, and Moselle, with Saarbrücken being made the region's capital.
Forbach after word war II
Only on 13th march 1945, nine month after the landing of american troops in normandy, Forbach is freed by the 276. regiment of the 70th division. After 5 years of German horror, the people of Forbach cheer the liberators and receive the great premier Charles De Gaulle who returned from exile.
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